Conservation or Preservation

By Chris R. Klineburger

An Overview of Conserving a Most Valuable Resource: WILDLIFE


The wildlife on our planet is the most fascinating renewable natural resource that God has provided us. We all love wildlife and wish to save it. This book reveals the successes in restoring animal populations after early-uncontrolled market hunting had caused endangerment to many species. The text will be especially helpful to those that are not directly connected to wildlife conservation issues to have a better understanding regarding scientific based wildlife management. The reader will also learn about the social and economic consequences for the people living with or close to wildlife, as well as how the same people can benefit and be the salvation for animals.

                This volume shows how individual volunteers have put time, energy and money into their love for wildlife and the habitat by forming conservation organizations. And how those organizations have been influential in creating sanctuaries and reserves for wildlife, as well as efforts to control poaching and illegal trade of animal parts. As a result, in areas where proper management is present, wildlife has propagated and is sustainable. After reading this text, intelligent forward thinking individuals can ponder and research the contents herein and make proper decisions on saving and sustain this natural resource. Human emotion is a valuable asset when applied correctly and supported with fact.